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Make moving easier – with a little help from your friends

With some thoughtful planning – including some fun rewards to celebrate your efforts – you can make your house moving experience a memorable one. By giving yourself a way to say goodbye to the place you’ve loved, surrounded by the people you care about, you can make your moving experience more meaningful.

Because many hands make light work, inviting people who care about you to be actively involved in your move is a great way to make moving house more fun – with a little help from your friends!

From the moment you plan to sell your property, there is always a lot to do, including organising conveyancing, dealing with real estate agents, sorting and cleaning – and all the other tasks that come with moving out of one property and into another.

To help make moving home a breeze – and a memorable moment in your life – try these practical tips.

Tell your friends

The same close friends and family members who jump at invitations to celebrate special occasions with you – from end-of-year get-togethers to milestone birthdays, significant anniversaries, or other important life events that demand acknowledgement – are probably the same people who would love to do anything to help you.

Send an invitation that makes it clear you’d appreciate their hands-on help to move home – but make sure you let them know that you’ll be offering some tasty snacks as a tempting reward.

Be prepared

To avoid any tears – or any friendship rifts – take responsibility for wrapping and packing all those precious breakables first. Marking these boxes as ‘fragile’ – in clear, over-sized lettering – is another wise move. If your friendship circle comes complete with a few klutzes, make sure they’re on a different duty, such as packing linens, towels and clothing instead.

If you have pets, make sure they are secured and out of the way and think carefully about tripping hazards and what you can do to make the moving experience as safe as possible for everyone involved.

Stocking up on multiples of scissors, packing tape, old newspaper for wrapping smaller items, as well as labels and marker pens for writing with, will ensure your friends can help you in a way that’s fast and stress-free – and that means more time to enjoy conversations, some tasty nibbles and a cold drink or two.

Make it fun

Even your best friends don’t really want to spend hours of their precious time helping you move house – no matter how much they love you.

With that in mind, make it fun, with music to move to and a happy vibe that makes people want to stay and help as long as possible.

Catering is key

With the right temptation, you can achieve incredible things. If you know your friends well, you’ll know what food and drinks might help convince them to help you move.

Making sure your esky or cool box is stocked with cold water, juice, soft drinks and some other favourite beverages to help celebrate your move, will help everyone stay hydrated and happy.

When it comes to offering food, non-greasy finger food is best. Your new buyers won’t be keen to find grotty fingerprints on the walls and the paintwork at your new place won’t benefit either.

Don’t forget the bags of ice if the weather is warm. Your fridge will be packed up and shipped out, remember – and because your plates and glassware will be going too, choose eco-friendly disposal options, as well as some serviettes.

Making Moving Memories

With the right planning, inviting help to pack and move has the potential to reduce your stress and create memories you’ll love to look back on.

Saying goodbye to any place you’ve loved is always going to go hand-in-hand with some sentimental sadness, but by reminding yourself who your real friends are, you’ll remember that moving address doesn’t have to mean moving away from what really matters.

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