Conveyancing Lismore Made Easy

We help Lismore property buyers and sellers with done for you conveyancing. As a conveyancing-only law firm, our solicitors top priority is to maximise your savings while minimising your legal risk.

Conveyancing Lismore Made Easy

We help Lismore property buyers and sellers with done for you conveyancing. As a conveyancing-only law firm, our solicitors top priority is to maximise your savings while minimising your legal risk.

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Conveyancing Lawyers Lismore & Property Solicitors

As a conveyancing only law firm, we provide affordable and sharply priced services. And our quality as rated by our clients is 5-star level. How do we do this? Our mature processes, our well oiled legal team and our investment in technology.
We’ve made the process easy for you. So no need to spend the entire afternoon doing tedious paperwork, let our team do it. Our service can be done 100% online. Just call in and instruct us to begin. We’ll take care of the rest (includes your s 10.7 and Contract of Sale).
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Costings are lot dependant – property type, council and situation. We commit to emailing you a detailed quote that includes price breakdown and searches. Request a quote now.


Lismore Conveyancing Services

What to expect when nominating us? Prestige law firm service backed by 2-million in professional indemnity insurance.
You will be assigned:
  • An experienced Lawyer.
  • An attentive File Owner who will do your paperwork on your behalf.
  • A dedicated Concierge to provide customer service, best in class.
This team will work diligently to take you from where you are – confusion – and bring you to an on-settlement. We deeply care about your transaction and hold our team up to the highest standards.
Our service is not just paperwork. We’re professionals committed to a great outcome. We’ll work hard – communicating with all parties – to allow a successful on-time settlement.

Our Fixed Price Lismore Service Includes

Fixed Price Professional Fee

Our legal fee is guaranteed and is inclusive of GST. This is because we find it unacceptable to have surprise costs when reaching settlement.

Minimum Searches For Maximum Protection

We only do searches that we MUST do to be comfortable that your interests are best protected. Our NSW and National Team meet on a quarterly basis to review NSW Legislation to determine what can be omitted and what must be kept.

We Never Compromise On Quality Or Client Protection

While we do the minimum, we don’t cut corners. During this time it will be very tempting to skimp. However, we don’t compromise. While others may use old certificates or not do searches at all, we will always do all needed searches even though it will require more work. 

Cheap Conveyancing Lismore

Located less than 200 kilometres from Brisbane, Lismore boasts of beautiful coastal and rainforest national parks (these are world heritage listed) and rivers, and is the economic and cultural capital of the Northern Rivers region. Visitors to this region of acute physical beauty can take in the sights of clear mountain pools, the gorgeous Mount Warning, endless waterfalls and some remaining parts of “The Big Scrub”, that once covered the region. Some have even dubbed the sights in Lismore as the “best earth has to offer”! Also on the menu are charming little villages that dot the hills and each with its own unique market, pubs, teahouses and nurseries.
Lismore has had an interesting mix of residents that have chosen alternative lifestyles lately, that range from film makers, musicians, painters, poets, dancers and many more. As a result, the city has a fair share of museums, galleries, theatres and studios. Lismore is known for its very rich soil and offers avocados, the very famous coffee, tropical fruit and brews. The city has its own airport close to the city centre that boasts of free parking during the day and other amenities. There are various bus services and shuttles to get around the city as well.
The city ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to investment — there are several housing and other development projects such as health and education in the pipeline that will support the increasing population significantly. Real estate is booming here: there is industrial land for sale, and the city prides itself on being open to new business opportunities. What is not to like here!
Are you looking for a simple service that understands your needs? Conveyancing Lismore knows how to protect your interests. We help sellers sell, buyers buy and help you get what you want. We can help organise, draft and submit legal papers. Plus our Lismore team will constantly keep you in the loop. So you won’t be left wondering where you solicitor fees are going. If you want someone that will represent your interests, not just look to increase their commission. Contact Conveyancing Lismore.
The team at Conveyancing Lismore and the Sydney team is made of experienced, trained and knowledgeable lawyers. With years manoeuvring through the complex maze of NSW property law. We understand your obligations as a buyer and seller. Conveyancing Lismore can protect you throughout the process and ensure no party can take advantage of you. Contact Conveyancing Lismore by leaving a message on our website, send us an email or call us. Our legal team is available 24 hours a day. So you know your interests are being looked after. Contact us now!

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