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We help Brisbane property buyers and sellers with their sale-to-settlement journey – with cheap conveyancing fees combined with quality customer care.

Quality Queensland conveyancing that helps save you money – and time.

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We help Brisbane property buyers and sellers with their sale-to-settlement journey – with cheap conveyancing fees combined with quality customer care.

Always Fixed Price Legal Fees
100% Online, Safe and Convenient
Trusted By 40,000+ Australians

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Property Lawyers and Conveyancing Solicitors Brisbane

We’re a dedicated conveyancing law firm with the experience of more than 4,300 successful settlements. And we’ve been delivering quality conveyancing services in Brisbane and across the Queensland region since 2012.

Our digitally led conveyancing service is easy to use, with online convenience and cheap conveyancing fees Brisbane property buyers and sellers can save money on.

Because we are dedicated conveyancers in Brisbane and Queensland, we’ve streamlined our processes so you can access quality, hassle-free conveyancing at affordable rates.

Choose experienced Brisbane conveyancers

If you’re looking for a conveyancer in Brisbane, choosing the best conveyancing experience can seem confusing.

At Conveyancing.com.au, our team of reliable, trusted Brisbane conveyancing lawyers take the stress out of your search for the best conveyancers in Queensland. Our team of experienced conveyancing solicitors will help you achieve a secure, on-time settlement.

By choosing our conveyancing specialists to look after the complex legal work for you, your Queensland property settlement is in safe hands.

Working with our affordable Brisbane conveyancers is easy.

STEP 1. We’ll make sure all your legal forms are correctly filled out. The sooner this is done, the smoother your transaction.

STEP 2. Next, we order your searches from authorities like the relevant state government, local council, or water utilities. This shows the ‘invisible’ details, such as title particulars and if there is land tax owing. We’ll also do all the adjustment calculations, so you don’t have to worry about who pays what.

STEP 3. Your assigned paralegal from our Brisbane conveyancing team will liaise with third parties, like the other side’s solicitor, bank, and other authorities to help you achieve a smoother, more secure settlement.

Queensland conveyancing and BUYERS Pre-Purchase Reviews

To give you the peace of mind that proper legal protection provides, engage our experienced Brisbane property solicitors to check your contract. To get started, contact us for a contract review today.

A thorough contract review gives you a better understanding of the terms you are agreeing to, as well as what is reasonable to negotiate. Don’t be confused by legal contracts. Let our Brisbane conveyancing team look after you – and ensure your property purchase is protected.

What happens in a contract review? Our in-house Brisbane property solicitors will review your contract, line by line. Because our conveyancing team includes conveyancers, paralegals, and dedicated property lawyers in Brisbane, we have the local knowledge needed to deliver specific conveyancing advice that is tailored to your unique property transaction.

At the end of the review, our team’s Brisbane property solicitor will deliver written advice and the next steps regarding your contract. This includes the specific wording and suggested changes to the contract to help you frame your needs and give you the power to negotiate – or ask us to negotiate on your behalf.

Remember, before you sign is when you have the most power to negotiate to get the best possible property outcome.

SELLERS Contract of Sale Drafting from quality Queensland conveyancers

Need a contract drafted? If you’re looking for the best contract drafting service in Queensland, you can trust our experienced Brisbane property lawyers.

Our thorough understanding of Queensland conveyancing law means that our contract drafting services go beyond what many Queensland conveyancing companies may offer.

With highly trained Queensland property lawyers working with our conveyancers in the Brisbane Conveyancing.com.au team, our contracts are not the standard ‘cookie cutter’ contracts. We take the time to understand your situation, to help give your property transaction the best possible legal protection.

By letting your chosen Brisbane conveyancer your unique needs, such as settlement dates, special conditions, and any additional requirements – we can draft a contract that includes everything that matters.

Fixed-fee conveyancing in Brisbane – for transparency thousands of Australians already trust

When you choose our Brisbane conveyancing team, we offer:

Fixed-price professional fee

Nobody likes surprise out-of-pocket costs at settlement. This is why we provide a FIXED professional fee for all our Brisbane and Queensland conveyancing matters.

No matter how much time our lawyers and conveyancers spend fulfilling your standard conveyance, our professional fees will always be the same.

Remember, some firms charge by the hour for their lawyers. But our affordable conveyancing fees include the time our lawyer, paralegal, and concierge spend to look after your conveyancing with care. That means you’ll get the best quality, best service, and the best price.

Minimum searches for maximum protection

Our Brisbane conveyancing team order the searches that allow our experienced property solicitors to ensure that you are fully protected – and because we buy searches at cost, we don’t pass on any hidden fees to you.

These searches provide the information our team of Brisbane property lawyers need to do the ‘due diligence’ that protects your transaction.

Our team meet regularly to review court decisions to determine what searches matter most, without ordering the unwanted expense of unnecessary searches.

Uncompromising client protection – for quality conveyancing in Brisbane

Although some Brisbane conveyancers may use outdated certificates or not order searches at all, we always request the most up-to-date certificates available (backed with insurance) to make sure we have the information we need to best advise you.

Ordering the right number of searches is a delicate balance, informed by our experience and commitment to minimise any risk to your property transaction.

Delivering best quality conveyancing in Brisbane is something we take seriously – and we won’t let you down.

Buying or Selling?

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How Much Does Conveyancing Cost in Brisbane, QLD?

Conveyancing fees in Brisbane can vary, ranging from $500 up to $1500 and even more for some complex transactions. These fees depend on the conveyancers you choose, the type of property you buy or sell, and the property’s location.

If you’re a buyer, engaging conveyancers to undertake searches on the property you are thinking of buying helps ensure that sellers comply with all their disclosure obligations. To make a properly informed property buying decision, buyers need access to a range of important information related to the property for sale, such as unpaid bills, caveats and other property details that may impact future property use. Our Brisbane conveyancing team can order these searches on your behalf.

Depending on the exact location of your Queensland property, necessary searches undertaken by our Brisbane conveyancing specialists may relate to:

  • Flood-risk
  • Drainage and water
  • Swimming pools
  • Local authorities
  • Planning and environmental matters
  • Land registry information
  • Rates and charges
  • Council approval and compliance

Search costs will vary, depending on the nature of the searches deemed necessary by our Brisbane conveyancing lawyers. We only charge you what the searches cost us to perform.

Sellers need property information certificates, while property buyers also need some of these certificates to ensure that taxes and rates owed are correctly calculated and adjusted at settlement.

The Queensland searches our Brisbane conveyancing team typically conduct may include:

  • Title Search – checking particulars of the title, as well as property ownership details and whether there are any encumbrances on title.
  • Plan image – confirmation that you are buying the property you expect.
  • Council rates – to check payable council rates that might be due for the current billing cycle.
  • Water certificate – to confirm the water meter reading and check for any fixed charges payable for the current billing cycle.
  • Land tax – to determine if there is any land owing.
  • Body Corporate search – to check if there are any fees owing to the body corporate, if applicable.
  • Check Search – confirmation that the vendor is still the legal owner prior to settlement.

The legal processes connected to property transactions can sometimes seem overwhelming – but that’s why the experience and support of our Brisbane conveyancing team is so helpful. Whether you’re selling or buying property in Brisbane, or the broader Queensland region, engaging the experienced conveyancers and property solicitors in Brisbane’s Conveyancing.com.au team can give you the clearer understanding you need – as well as the transparent, affordable conveyancing fees that you want.

Buying or Selling?

Get the legal support you need!

7-day extended hours customer care

Brisbane conveyancing with customer care that is easy to access? That’s Conveyancing.com.au!

We provide MON-THU 8 AM to 9 PM and FRI-SUN 8 AM to 8 PM customer service care.

If you’ve got a question for our Brisbane conveyancing team, you’re welcome to reach out.

We introduced these extended customer care hours in response to a survey which revealed that people’s number one complaint about conveyancing companies was that they could not contact their conveyancer. With a dedicated team of Brisbane property lawyers, conveyancers, paralegals and customer service specialists working as part of our Conveyancing.com.au team, that won’t happen!

Brisbane conveyancing makes property investing easier

Conveyancing.com.au Brisbane is here to help you reduce the hassle of property transfers. We are a leading Brisbane conveyancing firm, and we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are alert and aware of each step of their sale-to-settlement journey. When it comes to transferring property, quality Brisbane conveyancers should take care of you – and that’s what our team is committed to.

Whether this is your first property investment, or you’re growing your investment portfolio, choose our highly trained Brisbane property lawyers to look after your next property transaction.

Call us, email us or leave a message on our website today. We’ll be happy to assign a lawyer, paralegal and concierge to bring to you to an on-time hassle-free settlement.

Why invest in Brisbane?

Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities – a positive sign for any investor.

Research into the dynamic property market can help you make an informed choice about buying property to move into or invest in, to help you take advantage of the growing population and incredible lifestyle opportunities Brisbane offers. Queensland’s biggest city demographics indicate a young, professional workforce is looking to rent, so investing now enables you to capitalise in a competitive rental market and experience fewer periods of empty tenancy. Whether you want to invest in a luxury home in the affluence of Teneriffe or New Farm, or an apartment in the first homebuyer havens of Woodridge or Redcliffe, make sure you get the best possible advice to buy a property that suits your goals – and your budget.

Why buy property in Queensland?

There are many incredible reasons to buy property in Brisbane and Queensland.

With dynamic culture, sports, infrastructure, and public transport, there’s no better place to invest than Brisbane. Our Brisbane conveyancing team is the effective, skilled, and trustworthy team you need to look after all your conveyancing needs.

Choose Brisbane conveyancers with experience and reliability. Choose Conveyancing.com.au. Get in touch today for a free quote to get started.

Our expertly trained, experienced property solicitors work closely with our paralegals and customer care providers to deliver complete customer satisfaction. To start your sale-to-settlement journey with Brisbane conveyancers you can trust, get a quote with Conveyancing.com.au today.

Brisbane conveyancing made simple

If you are selling, or buying property, our team will interact with each of the parties engaged with the property transaction. Our team will submit, organise, and manage all your legal documents for you and provide the legal advice you need for Brisbane conveyancing that’s easier and more secure. For your convenience, we also prepare and review contracts for you.

We’re a passionate team of Brisbane conveyancing specialists

No other conveyancer Brisbane-wide is as dedicated to our customers as Conveyancing.com.au. Helping people like you achieve successful, on-time settlements, drives our commitment to deliver quality Brisbane conveyancing that thousands of Australians already trust.

Using our digitally led conveyancing processes will minimise our turnaround times – and streamline your sale-to-settlement experience with our Brisbane conveyancing team.

You’ll never have to wait, wondering what your lawyer is up to. Choose Brisbane conveyancers that keep you informed – every step of the way. Experience the difference that an efficient, genuinely effective conveyancing team can deliver.

At Conveyancing.com.au, we execute most of our Brisbane and Queensland conveyancing services with online convenience – for safe, secure property transactions without the messy paperwork.

With thousands of happy clients, we’re proud to be a leading Brisbane conveyancing company. We understand that our clients want to know they are being taken care of by an honest, transparent firm. Conveyancing.com.au Brisbane is recognised and accredited by The Queensland Law Society. We have the experience, expertise and qualifications required to deliver you easy, fruitful results. If you’re looking for cheap conveyancing in Brisbane, start comparing prices with no-obligation, FREE quote from a Brisbane conveyancing team with transparent, affordable conveyancing fees.

Why choose us?

Buying and selling property are big decisions with potential for significant legal and financial consequences if the transactions are not handled properly.

For informed insights into the Brisbane, Queensland property market, choosing the local knowledge of our Brisbane Conveyancing.com.au team to properly protect your property sale or purchase helps you take the legal steps you need for a successful settlement. Get your free Conveyancing.com.au quote today.

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