Conveyancing Geelong Made Easy

We help Geelong buyers and sellers with done for you conveyancing. As a full-service conveyancing-only law firm, our solicitors top priority is to maximise your savings while minimising your legal risk.

Conveyancing Geelong made easy

We help Geelong buyers and sellers with done for you conveyancing. As a full-service conveyancing-only law firm, our solicitors top priority is to maximise your savings while minimising your legal risk.

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Our prices are affordable and sharply competitive. How? We’ve streamlined our Vendor Disclosure Document (Section 32) and Contract of Sale drafting/review processes. This means we can provide great prices while upholding the highest standard of service.

Conveyancing is all we do.

We’ll go the extra mile to make sure your interests are best protected from start to settlement. We’ve made the process 100% online and easy. And we deeply care about your conveyance.

Geelong Conveyancing Services

As our client, you will be protected with up to 2-million in professional indemnity insurance and our legal obligation to advise in your best interest.

You will also be assigned:

  • An experienced practising Solicitor
  • A File Owner who will look after your paperwork
  • And a Concierge to take care of your customer service needs.

As a group, they will take you from where you are now – confusion – and will take you all the way to on-time settlement.

We’ve made the process easy for you and commit to your hassle-free experience. Let us take the stress out purchasing and selling. Make sure to look at our recent client reviews on Facebook and TrustPilot.

What happens next? When you sign up, the File Owner will call to introduce herself and ask about your property. Our team will then prepare all the legal paperwork required for this process.

Need A Quote? Note that costs are the lot, property type and City Council specific. This is because Search prices do and regularly change and widely vary between councils. Give us a call so we can send you specific quotes for your situation.

Our Fixed Price Geelong Service Includes

Fixed Price Professional Fee

Even if your matter becomes difficult, requiring hours of solicitor time, and hours on the phone with the bank, the professional fee will never change. You’re covered. This is how we give our clients confidence that their fees won’t bloat at settlement and provide the best quality of service.

Maximum Protection For Minimum Cost

We don’t waste your money. We make NOTHING on searches and only do searches that are REQUIRED to minimise cost. Our Senior Legal team meet on a quarterly basis, review the recent cases and legislation, and decide on what searches can be skipped and what is an absolute MUST.

No Compromise On Our Quality Or Your Protection

While we do the minimum, we do not skimp! We do the bare minimum searches that conveyancing LAWYERS would feel comfortable doing. We will protect you to the full extent of the law, backed by credentials and insurance.

Cheap Conveyancing Geelong

Referred to as a “city by the bay”, Geelong is the second largest city of Victoria, is home to a large commercial centre (which is in the process of undergoing some transformations) and one of the largest regional economies outside of Melbourne. A gateway to the Bellarine Peninsula and the famous Great Ocean Road, Geelong has a very “Los Angeles” feel to it according to frequent visitors. Because of its cafe culture, a very positive vibe and its proximity to Melbourne (55 kilometres), it is the perfect location to explore the rest of Victoria. Some even consider it to be the “best location in Australia”. It is no wonder then, that tourism is booming here.

Affordable house prices and a boom in population has pushed the construction market towards the right direction in Geelong lately. Buyers from the educational, governmental, health and biotechnology industry have shown a keen interest in Geelong, as new suburbs, roads and infrastructure are coming up. Geelong boasts of more than $1.2 billion worth of ongoing construction and development projects with about $700 million worth of projects announced.

Geelong’s great transport system, a strong economy (which means plenty of jobs)  and links to the state capital make it a popular choice for owning affordable property than Melbourne. It has the Geelong Port, the sixth-largest in Australia, the Avalon Airport which handles passenger as well as freight traffic and a great rail connectivity  that has made it a key hub for growth. Currently, Geelong is undergoing the process of transition to a knowledge-based economy and is a part of the Skilling the Bay initiative.

Over the last ten years we have seen a growth in Geelong’s population and property prices (see City of Greater Geelong), hailing Geelong as the largest lifestyle community outside of Melbourne. With many local attractions, including beaches, cafes, restaurants, gardens, and the Geelong football club, and with the growth of local business opportunities, it’s no surprise that residents in Geelong are predominantly couples and families with children. Geelong is also no stranger to the investment market, with over 40% of properties in Geelong being rentals. Rental return is certainly something to keep in mind if looking to invest in Geelong. So whether you are buying or selling in Geelong, we at Conveyancing.com.au provide the best Geelong Conveyancing with best law practices in town and are here to help you.

Our service involves more than just preparing paperwork for settlement. For us it’s about providing great quality service to our customers and giving them confidence that the Conveyancing process is being taken care of. After all buying and selling property is a large transaction and deserves to be handled efficiently. Personally, it is such a rewarding feeling when I see our team work hard on a daily basis to meet our client’s needs.

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