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Our team of property solicitors and paralegals are experienced, honest, and reliable. We help buyers, sellers, and investors across Australia every day. We know how important the right support can be.


While a conveyancer has undertaken training to help with your property legal work, a conveyancing solicitor usually has a broader and more robust understanding of property law.

This matters, because if you run into certain complications during the conveyancing process, a conveyancer may not be able to help. You could end up paying for a lawyer’s time on top of your conveyancer.

Choose the team you can trust and enjoy peace of mind throughout the process.

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We’re conveyancers, powered by lawyers. The conveyancing process is complicated, which is why we’ve worked hard to make it as simple as possible. We’re here to guide and support you through this often stressful journey.

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Conveyancing is what we do every day, and it’s why we can guide you every step of the way. We’ll get things done and keep you informed of the progress.

Digital and Convenient

We‘re digital with a human touch. This makes the process easier for you. But if things don’t go as planned and problems arise our legal team can help.

Experienced and Trusted

Our years of experience are invaluable. We have all the knowledge so you can have the confidence needed when going through the conveyancing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is conveyancing?
It refers to everything that needs to be checked, searched, signed, and certified to make you the new legal owner of a property or land. We are a trusted law firm who handle all the legal complexities and paperwork for you, it also means you’re in good hands if things get really complicated. We help you navigate local councils, zoning issues, sewage diagrams. We also check any outstanding debt isn’t passed on to you and there is no major construction being planned near the property or land.
Why do I need conveyancing?
Put simply, it’s a necessary part of buying and selling property and land. The process can get quite complicated, fairly quickly, which is why you need the right support. Our team are specialists in property law and have all the expertise and experience to help you buy and sell lawfully and with ease.
What are searches?
Searches are files and information gathered from local councils and other authorities which tell you everything you need to know about a property or land. These searches reduce your risk when making a purchase by uncovering any existing debts, if the property is heritage listed, if the title deed is lawful and correct. Searches also allow us to discover any major construction plans nearby or limits to what you can and can’t do with the property.
How are conveyancing fees estimated?
If you’re shopping around for a conveyancer, you might have noticed all the quotes are slightly different, but what affects the price? First of all, not every property is the same which means different paperwork, different councils and searches (as explained above). This results in a varied cost. The other expense is the lawyers and paralegals time, we have control over this, which is why we offer a flat fee even if things get complicated or there are surprise issues.
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Buying property?

Buy property or land knowing everything has been done properly and lawfully. Our team can review contracts to check for any red flags. We complete searches on the property to help make sure no previous debts are passed on to you and we’ll prepare all required paperwork.

Selling a property?

Looking to sell property? Our team can draft your contract and help with what is required for an on-time settlement. We’ll handle all the legal admin so you can enjoy a successful sale.

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