Maitland Conveyancing Made Easy

We help Maitland property buyers and sellers with done for you conveyancing. As a conveyancing-only law firm, our solicitors top priority is to maximise your savings while minimising your legal risk.

Maitland Conveyancing Made Easy

We help Maitland property buyers and sellers with done for you conveyancing. As a conveyancing-only law firm, our solicitors top priority is to maximise your savings while minimising your legal risk.

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Our firm services Maitland and the Greater Sydney region. And yes, our prices are affordable.

How do we make our fees so sharply competitive? All we do is conveyancing. We’ve spent years building a mature system. And our well oiled Leal Team are experienced.

And why nominate us? We make it easy for you. Let us take care of your s 10.7 and Contract of Sale.

Our service can be done online with just phone calls and email. No need to travel. No need to stress. We’ll do all the hard work.

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Request a quote using our form. Prices are dependant on property type, council and your specific lot. We will email you a detailed quote that includes our legal fees and searches required to safely purchase or sell property in Maitland.


Maitland Conveyancing Services

Nominate us, and you will have a Law Firm working for you. Your case will be diligently attended to and will be backed with 2-million in professional indemnity insurance.
As part of your service you will be assigned:
  • An experienced Lawyer
  • A File Owner to take care of all your legal documents
  • And a Concierge to provide best in class client service.
As a team, we are committed to work and take you where you are now – confusion – and bring you to an on-time settlement.
We deeply care about your transaction.
We do more than filling out your paperwork. We treat our professional obligation seriously and will work diligently for an on-time settlement.

Our Fixed Price Maitland Service Includes

Fixed Price Professional Fee

Fixed Price From $759 Incl GST. And yes, that includes the lawyer. It is unacceptable for you to reach settlement with surprise costs. That is why we offer a fixed fee service to give you peace of mind.

Minimum Searches For Maximum Protection

Saving money during this expensive transaction is top of mind. That is why we only order the minimum searches. We only order searches we MUST to be comfortable that you are fully protected.

We Never Compromise On Quality Or Client Protection

While we order the minimum, this does not mean we skimp. Our legal team meet on a quarterly basis to review the latest NSW legislation to decide what CANNOT be omitted. While we are subject to cost pressures, we will never compromise on our client’s protection.

Cheap Conveyancing Maitland

Originally settled by 11 convicts, Maitland prides itself on being one of the oldest heritage-rich cultural centres in Australia. The region has historical significance; it is said that the people of the Wonnarua Nation believe that Maitland was created when the Great Sky Spirit Baiame opened his eyes, and he and his spirits created everything there is, the rivers, all living things, and the mountains, including the Hunter River (Maitland is on the banks of this river). If you are a tourist, everything is quickly accessible in Maitland by foot, car or public transport — be it restaurants, shopping centres or an event.
The Maitland of today has a diversified, modern economy, spread over many industries such as wine, mining and agriculture. Construction and manufacturing are two of the key economic operators in Maitland and supports other players within the same sector. Business is thriving, thanks to the approximately $412 million Stockland Green Hills shopping centre, and the overhauling of the Leevee Lifestyle precinct. Maitland also has a thriving health and professional services industry.
Maitland’s untapped industrial land, tourism scope and commercial opportunities have seen quite a few international companies move to Maitland. It also offers affordable housing and realistically-priced land options, for those who are looking to invest in that market. Maitland is considered to be a great place to live because of the great employment rate, the investment in commercial infrastructure and its transportation network. The upcoming Maitland Hospital, with a budget of $450 million is poised to provide better healthcare and modern infrastructure, attracting more investments in the future.
Conveyancing.com.au Maitland is a team of solicitors with the expertise and knowledge of a top-tier legal firm, with the price tag of a small team. We can do this by providing all of our services online. With a streamlined, smooth service. Conveyancing.com.au Maitland is the premier property solicitors in the Hunter region. With years of experience achieving successful outcomes utilising our thorough knowledge of the NSW legal framework. Contact Conveyancing.com.au Maitland for a free quote. Call, message or email us today!
With a bustling city, this area continues to attract investors and families looking to settle in. Full of historic locations, cheery restaurants and an active commerce area, the region’s value grows per year.
Conveyancing.com.au Maitland will ease the ordeal of transferring property. We have been successfully navigating the turbulent waters of NSW property law successfully for many years. We believe not only in comprehensive customer service but in fast turnaround times and positive client relationships. So, as well as guiding you through the complicated, frustrating world of property law requirements and obligations. We keep you in the loop 24 hours a day. You can track the status of your settlement progress 24 hours a day. Contact Conveyancing.com.au Maitland by leaving a message on our website, email us or call now at Conveyancing.com.au Sydney!

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