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We help Cairns property sellers and buyers with start-to-settlement conveyancing. We’ll protect you without compromise and maximise your savings.

Always Fixed Price Legal Fees
100% Online, Safe and Convenient
Trusted By 40,000+ Australians

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We help Cairns property sellers and buyers with start-to-settlement conveyancing. We’ll protect you without compromise and maximise your savings.

Always Fixed Price Legal Fees
100% Online, Safe and Convenient
Trusted By 40,000+ Australians

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Need AFFORDABLE Cairns conveyancing? We are a LAW firm that only does conveyancing. That means you can benefit from a streamlined QUALITY and affordable service that can be done entirely online via phone and email. Sit back, enjoy your weekend. We’ll do all the paperwork, so you don’t have to.

With the jurisdictional know how in Cairns and Queensland wide, you can rely on our in-house solicitors, conveyancers and concierge to represent you and give security in your property transaction. We hate surprise costs, so we’ve made our fee’s and searches TRANSPARENT.

Need a quote? As your specific lot, council and property type determines conveyancing costs; request a quote so we can prepare a tailored quote fit for you and your property.

Our fee INCLUDES the lawyers, conveyancers and concierges time.

We have the highest professional obligation to protect you.

Here’s how we can help you…

Done For You Conveyancing

We’ll do all the legal paperwork, liaise with 3rd parties and attend settlement. We’ll keep it simple for you, do all your ‘due diligence’ to allow a safe and successful settlement.

BUYERS Pre-Purchase Review

Not sure about your contract? Have our lawyer do a page by page review of your contract. Of course, if there’s anything you need, let the lawyer know during the review and they’ll tailor their legal advice to suit your specific situation.

SELLERS Contract of Sale Drafting

We draft contracts to fairly bind the buyer fairly according to Queensland law. We can draft your Contract of Sale to minimise your costs and frame the sale to give you the settlement you want.

Our Fixed Price Cairns Service Includes

Fixed Price Professional Fee

Need to be sure what you’re going to be spending? We understand. That’s why we place a fixed legal fee on our service. You’ll be safe with us.

Minimum Searches For Maximum Protection

It is simply unacceptable to be slugged with high surprise costs at settlement. That is why we only do the required searches for your transaction.

We Never Compromise On Client Protection Or Quality

Yes, we order the minimum, but we never compromise. We order the searches needed for our Lawyers to be sure that your transaction will be safe and protected.

7-day Extended Hours Customer Care

Based on our market survey, our clients have said that responsiveness is number one. In response, we offer extended hours support, weekdays and weekends.

More About Cairns

Conveyancing.com.au are the team for investors looking for a personalised customer experience. If you are looking for a legal team for a transfer of title, or transfer of property, then the Conveyancing.com.au Cairns team are on your side. With a comprehensive understanding of the Queensland property legal framework. There’s few with more experience or knowledge of the requirements of Conveyancing in Cairns. For a free quote, contact us today at Conveyancing.com.au Cairns or Conveyancing.com.au Brisbane!

Whether you are looking to start, or expand your investment portfolio, Cairns is the perfect location. Cairns has been identified as a real hot spot for investors looking to build value and achieve real return on investment. With recent development throughout the city, a growing economy and low rates of vacant rental properties. Cairns is the perfect location for you. Conveyancing.com.au makes the transfer of property, and transfer of title deals easy, ensuring you get your return on investment faster. Contact us today for a free quote on any conveyancing in Cairns!

Enjoy personalised conveyancing at great rates. We’re proud to be a conveyancing only LAW firm with a 100% online service. That means taking advantage of our streamlined process, enjoying staying at home, having the confidence of our professional obligation and commitment. We will look after your legal paperwork and provided personalised service for a hassle-free settlement.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, Cairns beckons visitors to explore the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy its tropical climate. As its growth continues, Cairns provides the ideal opportunity for real estate investment. The addition and improvement of public transport, railway, aeroplane, and port travel mean even more access to the ever-popular city of Cairns. Take advantage of this gorgeous suburban area’s attractions and achieve the highest returns possible with a beautiful property in Cairns. Then, partner with Conveyancing.com.au to make the process as straightforward and professional as possible.

Conveyancing.com.au offers completely remote services via an online portal, delivering comprehensive law services for hassle-free settlements. Whether you are considering Cairns for its rich culture and heritage or possibilities for endless future growth, there’s much to see and do in the area that makes it a hub for tourists from all over the world. In fact, Cairns is the fourth most popular Australian destination, after Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Plus, residential holidaymakers flock to the area to explore its Reef, the Wet Tropics of Queensland, and the Atherton Tableland.

Cairns also receives significant media attention, further increasing its worldwide reputation for leisure and recreation. If you’re ready to take action on the Cairns property that might just become the jewel of your investment portfolio, contact Conveyancing.com.au. We’re prepared to deliver a free quote on conveyancing in Cairns, plus attentive and professional service throughout the settlement process.

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