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Are You Ready To Move House?

A famous Chinese proverb says that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and moving house is very similar. The process of moving from one house to another is made up of lots and lots of little decisions and to-dos. But as you tick off each item, you’ll be one step closer to your goal.

We’ve put together this handy moving house guide so you can keep track of the key things that need to get done. Happy moving!


Before you move

There’s plenty to do before you move. Check off the items below as you do them.

Put together a moving budget so you know you’ve got all the essential services covered, such as packing boxes and materials, removalists, cleaning products or services etc.

Create a place to keep your important documents safe in the move – passports, records, birth certificates etc

Start to declutter your home. It’s a good time to throw out any non-essential items. You can also donate some things to charity, so you have fewer things to pack and move.

Make any repairs that you are required to make in your current home.

Arrange your utilities. This will mean both notifying your provider that you’re leaving your current address and getting things like water, gas, electricity, and internet set up at your new address. Read our guide to utilities here.

If you need a new fridge, washer, dryer, oven etc at your new address, make sure you’ve researched them well ahead of your move and arranged delivery.

Pack up each room into boxes. Start with rooms and items that are used less frequently and make sure to label your boxes accurately. You can read our guide to packing here.

Consider hiring a van, truck, or removalists. If you’re planning to book removalists then make sure to choose one well ahead of your move, to make sure they’re available on your move day.

It’s a good idea to look into home and contents insurance before you move, to make sure you’re covered.


During your move

Come moving day you’ll have plenty to do. There will be lots of moving, carrying, and arranging. Make sure you cover off the items below on your move day.

Set a time to collect the keys to your new place after settlement day. Once the sale is finalised you can make a start on organising your move. Note: where possible, it’s a good idea to give yourself a buffer of a few days in case there are any delays with your settlement.

When moving in, being organised is essential. Plan where boxes and furniture will go and make sure to label boxes clearly so that they can be taken to the right place straight away.

Clean your previous house once it’s all empty.

Make sure to turn off power points, heating, and anything else that could be running in your previous home.

Don’t forget, you’ll need to hand back your old keys at some point too.


After you’ve moved in

Firstly, congratulations. Now let’s make sure you have some of the essentials covered in your new home.

Celebrate a little. Go on, you’ve earned it.

Make sure to update your address with all relevant subscriptions and services.

Invite your friends and family over to enjoy your new home. Spending time with loved ones is one of the best ways to make a new house feel like a home.

Be patient with yourself and the process. Not everything will be done right away, and that’s ok. Take it slow and don’t rush yourself. With steady progress everything will get done.

You’ve done it. Welcome home.

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This article is provided for general information purposes only. Its content is current at the date of publication. It is not legal advice and is not tailored to meet your individual needs. You should obtain specialist advice based on your specific circumstances before taking any action concerning the matters discussed in this article.

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